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At your side during the treatment of critical patients

Our technology gives you the right equipment to save your patient's life and to optimize clinical processes with critical patients. Many processes can be made safer and faster using modern technical automation. This way you can safe time and costs.

Stabilize critical patients with oxygen and warmness

Our fully-automated intensive care unit, the IntensoBox, allows for a fast stabilization of patients in critical vital conditions. The supply of up to 90 percent oxygen combined with a controlled climate and floor heating accalerates the healing. The automation of the system simplifies the patient management and relieve the staff.

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Safe temperature management during operations and while regeneration

During the last decade, it gradually became clear how important the the temperature management of patients is. Our microcomputer-controlled warming blankets "HotBody" provide the temperature stability of water warming blankets and outperform these in the possible heating power. This way, patients with hypothermia can be optimally warmed up without any risks of overheating.

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Intensovet UG, nahe Holzkirchen, Warngau, Oberlaindern, Valley, teilt sich die Werkstatt mit der Schlievet GmbH.
Intensovet entwickelt, produziert und vertreibt Tiermedizinprodukte und high-tech Tiermedizintechnik.
Produkte sind Heizmatten, Heizplatten, Intensivkäfige und Sauerstoffkäfig.
Temperaturmanagement und Wärmeerhalt von Tieren/Patienten ist wichtig.
Das Team besteht aus Niklas Warmbold, Rolf Hufenbecher, Jakob Schöttl.