Our mission

Our team of engineers works closely together with veterinarians and specialists to make processes more efficient and safer. Our development and production is exclusively located in Germany and mainly in-house. This way, we can incorporate individual requests and continuously enhance our products. We are happy about positive feedback as well as critics. Also, if you have any questions don't hesitate to call us. Contact

What our customers say

  • HotBody not only guarantees perfect temperature management for intra- and postoperational patients, but also for hypothermic intensive care cases - a totally up to date warming mattress!
    Sebastian Kendzia
    AniCura Bielefeld, Tierärztliche Klinik für Kleintiere
  • Perfekt combination of a warming pad and a soft underlay. Very good heat transduction to the patient, no risk of burns – we are very happy!
    Mag. Beatrix Grund
    Tierklinik Gross-Enzersdorf
  • The warming matress is very practical. The body coretemperature of our patients barely changing even during long surgeries.
    Mag. Christoph Leichtfried
    Tierarztpraxis am Stadtpark
  • We have been looking for a safe and reliable warming system for Suergeries for a long time. HotBody fully convinced us in practice.
    Herr Dr. Alexander Pack
    Tierklinik Elversberg
  • Intensovet offers process-oriented products with fair prices. The introduction of the warming mattresses resulted in an advance in operating care of the patients. They profit from this development. We enjoy a good and easy service.
    Herr Constantin Wenning
    Tierklinik Frankenthal
  • Finally a smart warming mattress that works well. Our patients stay warm even in long surgeries. I really like the soft mattress. It makes patient handling much easier.
    Frau Dr. Franziska Holder
  • Very good warming mattress. No burns but still accurate core temperature. Totally worth the price.
    Frau Dr. Birgit Warmbold
    Tierarztpraxis Holzkirchen